The main objective of Charlotte is to be able to have more riders who love horses in the world, before to approaching the horse and start to ride in the riding camp or in excursion through a short lesson that explains and introduces the horse in all its aspects, Charlotte want to leave the base to Understand the Horses and start to love this amazing animals.
In the North of Italy, in the amazing landscape Dolomiti mountain, you will find a fabulous place surrounded by unspoilt nature in the natural reserve of UNESCO- The Dolomites mountains.
Charlotte's Horses are located in a wonderful meadowland close to Campitello di Fassa and Canazei, where they can live a perfect life, free to run happy and with a lovely selected Team that take care abut them everyday and every moments
Charlotte is an istructor of equitation that use the Join Up Method- Monty Roberts- for the horses education, horses doma and to help the horses during the rescue time. The Join Up Method is a gentile method to educate and to leave the horses became relaxed and lovely just throught the way of love and cares.
Charlotte Horse Riding Asd originally comes from the idea of rescuing horses with problems and victims of violences to give them a life full of love and the right cares.

ASD Charlotte Horse Riding

e-mail: chorseriding@gmail.com

tel.: +39 3338056581

APERTO TUTTO L'ANNO Campitello di Fassa zona Ischia - Funivia Col Rodella